About Student Support

Our Student Relations team is readily accessible for you to reach out and receive guidance every step of the way. By looking closely at your child’s learning progress and process, our Student Relations team will be able to advise you on an adequate frequency of lessons, what courses your child should take to enhance their learning experience, and show you how to have your child strive to become a successful learner.

Our Approach

Academics around the world agree that individuals must achieve 2000 hours to successfully use English as a communication tool. We follow this principle which encompasses our students’ English study, exposure, and interactive experience. Our Student Relations team is equipped to guide you and your child for how to accomplish the 2000 hours with individualized support.

Here is the full map including all of our services to encompass 2000 hours

How We Support Students

Initial Assessment

All students who enroll into Global Step Academy will take a free English assessment provided by our Student Relations team to determine what and where your child should begin their English learning process.

Free Available Resources

Your child will enjoy an abundance of academic Challenges that our Student Relations team will be able to recommend to help with studies and overcome learning hurdles.

Weekly Email with Curated Content

Each week, you will be able to receive the latest curated educational content, where you can view all kinds of English programs, activities, and our selected live programs and Challenges that your child will be able to enjoy.

Monitor Learning Progress

By using your Dashboard, our Student Relations team will be able to observe your child’s learning progress in order to recommend level-appropriate Challenges, curated content.

Immediate Response

Our Student Relations team is readily available via call and email to assist immediately, trouble shoot, and offer instruction for all students.

Long-term Guidance

Our Student Relations team is here to ensure your child is on the right track. By overseeing current progress, struggles, and types of learning tools that your child prefers, we aim to make English learning a flexible and enjoyable experience for you and your child.

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Contact Information

Phone Number 050-1791-0037 Email[email protected] Business Hours

10:00 – 18:00 weekdays (JST)

Office Address

602 Azabudai Hinoki Building 3-1-5 Azabudai, Minato-ku 106-0041 Tokyo, Japan