Building English skills for future global citizens.
At Global Step Academy, we provide English programs backed by over 40 years of international education experience. Through the building of a solid English language foundation, we empower students to explore and create their way to success.


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GSA students become empowered with the knowledge, skills and values to thrive and to help shape a positive future for our world as effective global citizens.

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Foundational English Program
Students take private Foundational English lessons about 2 to 4 time per week.
GSA Explorer Programs
Join 1 or 2 times a week in groups with programs based on a variety of interests.
Spring Programs & Camps
Celebrate the spring season with Valentine’s art projects and spring-themed science experiments.
Summer Programs & Camps
Go on gaming adventures with GBL, create amazing STEM experiments, and explore the world during your summer vacation.
Fall Programs
Make creepy creative Halloween projects and spooky potions during the fall season.
Winter Holidays & Camps
Get in the festive spirit with Christmas-themed crafts and winter-inspired science experiments.


Build a strong English language foundation
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Our English Language Arts program gives students the knowledge needed to communicate and collaborate effectively in English. From beginner to intermediate to advanced, students of all levels can continue to develop their language skills through our comprehensive program.

Our program accommodates all types of students:
  • International Preschool Graduates
  • Overseas Returnees
  • Students Going Abroad
  • Continuing English Learners
  • Beginner English Learners
Beginner English

At this level, students gain exposure to spoken English and begin to understand new sounds. Students start to learn basic vocabulary as well as phonics. Practice is gained by repetition.

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Intermediate English

At this level, students begin to apply core English skills into daily life using simple vocabulary and grammar. Students respond in short sentences and practice reading short words.

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Advanced English

At this level, students form comprehension skills as they develop analytical thinking and creative problem solving. Students use core English skills to express and form thoughts and opinions.

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Our English Language Arts curriculum focuses on building key skills at the right times to ensure ongoing, measurable progress throughout the learning journey. Coupled with our GSA Explorer Programs, our students excel with the application of the English language in the real world.

First 2 weeks of Foundational English classes are FREE
Limited spots available.


Exciting subjects and courses in English

GSA Explorer Programs allow students to further develop their English knowledge in a variety of subjects. These programs empower creativity and curiosity by giving students the opportunity to explore areas that interest them.

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STEM Courses

Exploring STEM in English through a variety of hands-on projects. Students will:

  • Complete exciting chemistry experiments
  • Build working machines
  • Learn about the solar system and space
  • Practice basic game coding
  • Create 3D biological and geological models
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Art Courses

Expressing creativity in English with fun arts and crafts projects. Students will:

  • Produce inspired art masterpieces
  • Learn about interesting art movements
  • Create fun 3D crafts
  • Make unique seasonal keepsakes
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Game Based Learning

Putting gaming skills to the test with interactive English activities.

  • Build your own unique world in Minecraft
  • Practice vocabulary with game-based challenges
  • Complete virtual STEAM obstacle courses in Roblox
  • Explore the game from different perspectives
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Global Citizenship

Becoming aware of the wider world through hands-on learning in English.

  • Explore the world through virtual reality
  • Get up to date on current events
  • Discuss important questions of the 21st century
  • Complete hands-on activities to address real-world challenges
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Getting active using English with challenging fitness activities.

  • Test speed with fast-paced exercises
  • Work those muscles with strength-building challenges
  • Get coordinated with tricky movement games
  • Bend, twist and fold with fun yoga activities
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Students explore musical history and further their creative thinking through interesting music projects.

  • Learn about the history of music
  • Create inspired musical masterpieces
  • Get hands-on with musical instruments
  • Explore a variety of musical styles
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Through our GSA Explorer Programs, students enhance the English knowledge gained through our foundational programs while they continue to develop the values and skills needed to achieve success in a global community.

To enroll in a GSA Explorer course, please sign up for the Foundational English program first and please submit a request to our Student Relations team.

Our English Language Arts curriculum focuses on building key skills at the right times to ensure ongoing, measurable progress throughout the learning journey. Coupled with our GSA Explorer Programs, our students excel with the application of the English language in the real world.

First 2 weeks of Foundational English classes are FREE
Limited spots available.


6 Different Camps

from Jul 24 to Aug 20, 2023

Are you looking for an exciting way to spend your summer vacation? Look no further than our Online Summer Camp!


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Effective Routine

Make learning English a habit with appropriate frequency and regular scheduling for your child’s lessons.

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Dedicated Educators

Our experienced teachers guide your child to build English language knowledge and the ability to use it confidently.

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Personalized Support

Receive tailored support throughout your child’s learning journey to ensure continued success.


2 Classes per week
Starting at $165 USD /Month
800 coins
3 Classes per week
Starting at $235 USD /Month
1200 coins
4 Classes per week
Starting at $295 USD /Month
1600 coins
5 Classes per week
Starting at $345 USD /Month
2000 coins
CALCULATE YOUR PRICE How many classes per week would you like to have?
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8+
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Pricing Plan
STANDARD popular
Starting at $235 USD /Month (1200coins )

Class frequency is based on 25 minute ELA Standard classes. Your monthly tuition plan may vary depending on the student’sEnglish level and additional courses you take.*All prices include tax

First 2 weeks of Foundational English classes are FREE
Limited spots available.


Q1 What is the application process? It says there are limited spots available, will I be accepted?

We accept a limited number of students each month to ensure our school is able to provide the best experience possible to each and every student. We would love to have every child at GSA, but due to limited space we prioritize the following students:

  • Family members of enrolled GSA students
  • Referrals from current or former GSA students
  • International preschool students or graduates
  • Overseas returnees
  • Continuing English learners

If the monthly enrollment limit is reached, you will be placed on our waiting list and notified when there is an opening.

Q2 Can I take any program or class I want?

GSA programs are available for students of all English levels. Our Foundational English Program is built for all levels of learners. Each student’s English abilities will be checked in the initial lessons to place the student appropriately within the program. Student achievement and progress is continually monitored by our teachers and academic team so adjustments can be made when necessary. The Foundational English Program is available only as 1-on-1 lessons and is paid as a monthly installment based on the number of lessons taken per week. Our GSA Explorer Programs are designed to develop deeper understanding and practical use of the language in a variety of subjects to interest almost any student. The English requirements for these programs vary, but most offer courses appropriate for beginners to advanced students. GSA Explorer Programs are offered as 1-on-1 or group lessons, depending on the course. Our Student Relations team can advise and help customize your learning plan after your application has been submitted.

Q3 What courses can I take in the 2 week free trial?

The two week free trial is mainly for students taking our Foundational English Program 1-on-1 lessons. You can choose between 2 or 3 classes per week during the trial period. Some GSA Explorer Programs can be taken as well if they are 1-on-1 lessons. You can indicate your interest in taking these during the application process or request them from our Student Relations team.

Q4 Is there a special offer for siblings, family and friends?

We offer 10% off monthly price plans for students and their siblings while they are enrolled at GSA. Each enrolled student also has a personal referral code that they can share with family and friends who wish to apply at GSA. Both GSA students and the person they refer can receive discounts and other benefits. Details about our student referral program can be found here.

Q5 What are the technical requirements to take classes at GSA?

To get the best quality lessons, we highly recommend Apple and Windows computers and/or tablets to be used, along with the latest version of Zoom. Using mobile phones to take lessons is not recommended. For further details about system requirements, go to our System Requirements page here.

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Fun Group Courses

Explore a variety of programs at GSA with your peers.

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Online Summer Camp 2023

Join our camps with science, space, art, VR and more.

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Summer Camps In Tokyo

Experience our camps in the Tokyo area this summer.