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Get active while using English with challenging fitness activities.

Level up your fitness by building your strength, developing your coordination, and improving your speed and agility. Students have fun while getting fit through energizing games and challenges.


Getting active using English with challenging fitness activities.

Join in the fun with these exciting games to get active with your friends! GSA Fitness classes will have your heart pumping and your body moving with sporty games involving speed, strength, coordination, and even yoga!

Challenging and Fun Games

In GSA Fitness, students will have fun challenging each other and themselves with interactive games that allow them to experience new sports moves and games that they can play with friends and family, all while learning a fun way to stay active.

Improve All Around Skills

With our GSA Fitness classes, students will be able to practice their English skills while moving their body at the same time, making it a fun and engaging learning experience.

Stay Active With Friends

Together in class, students will be able to work as teams as well as compete against one another in playful games to build teamwork, collaboration and communication skills.

Our GSA Fitness classes are focused on having students learn fun ways to stay active and practice their communication skills.

GSA Fitness Classes

Speed Games

This course focuses on improving your quickness, foot movement and overall flow of movement with fun and challenging practice games and reviews to get you up and moving!

Age: 7+ Intermediate Level Group Course
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Strength Games

In this class, you will be put to the test as you focus on full-body muscle exercises with professional training exercise methods, and the benefits of strength training!

Age: 7+ Intermediate Level Group Course
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Coordination Games

Put yourself to the test with our Coordination Games! You will be practicing on building core coordination skills to improve reaction ability, rhythm and timing, and much more!

Age: 7+ Intermediate Level Group Course
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Yoga Games

Take a deep inhale and get relaxed with our Yoga Games! In this course, your child will learn basic to complex yoga moves with fun games, breathing exercises, and learn how practicing yoga daily will greatly improve both physical and mental health!

Age: 7+ Intermediate Level Group Course
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