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Putting gaming skills to the test with interactive English activities

Make English practice fun with adventure games and explore a new way of learning. Students will be able to put their skills to the test and practice working as a team as they answer questions to win the game.


Learn basic commands in Minecraft and build communication skills.

Our Game Based Learning course focuses on practicing communication and creative thinking skills in order to solve puzzles, find solutions, and create successful world-building.

Learning Through Gaming

While traditional language learning can oftentimes be challenging especially to young learners, our Game Based Learning program allows for students to practice English in a comfortable and engaging game environment, where they must use their English skills to play the games.

Fun English-Focused Games

The combination of having English conversations while in a virtual environment allows for the student to practice basic directional words and vocabulary for movement. Students must focus on using correct grammar and vocabulary as they must relay what their character will do in the game, therefore making English practice a part of the game play.

Building Self Expression and Imagination

Students will be taught how to create whatever structures comes to their mind in the virtual space, as well as how to care for animals, crops and the world around them. As their creativity develops and their imagination grows, their ability to express complex ideas will grow in the process.

With our Game Based Learning course, students are able to become more motivated in language learning through fun game play.

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Practice building English skills by putting your knowledge to the test to win games

Dive into this game-based course to strengthen and reinforce English language skills. Practice vocabulary and grammar through a unique gaming adventure you won’t find anywhere else. Buckle up! It’s going to be an adventure!

English Drills With Gaming

By practicing their English knowledge with games, students will be more motivated to gain further English skills to be able to complete fun games with their friends.

New Games Every Month

Students will be able to practice their English skills with new games every month and complete challenges with their friends.

Making Learning Fun

By playing with friends and being challenged on their skills at the same time, students become more motivated to learn and progress in their English study.

With each class, students will be able to improve and challenge themselves with their peers to win the game.

Game Based English Drills Classes

All About Me!

Let’s practice basic words to describe you! Challenge your skills with your friends as you answer questions to complete the game!

Age: 6+ Beginner Level Group Course
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All About My Face!

Ready to level up? Let’s practice our words that describe our faces! Work together with your friends to answer the questions and play the game!

Age: 6+ Beginner Level Group Course
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All About My Arms and Legs!

Complete the game by practicing your vocabulary skills! Can you remember all the words to win the game?

Age 7+ Beginner Level Group Course
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Describing Myself

Let’s review all the words to describe ourselves! Work together with your friends to practice all the words you learned!

Age 7+ Beginner Level Group Course
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Game Based Learning STEAM

Play fun STEAM based games to challenge your knowledge and have fun with friends.

Our Game Based STEAM classes puts your STEAM based knowledge to the test with fun action and adventure games in which you must answer questions correctly with your friends to win the game. Students are able to practice their vocabulary skills from other subjects to further enhance their knowledge.

Fun STEAM Games

By playing STEAM based games in English, students are exploring new topics beyond just English study and enhancing their language skills, and allows them to expand their vocabulary.

New STEAM Topics Every Month

Students can enjoy playing brand new games each month to broaden their STEAM knowledge as they play with friends and explore new topics at the same time.

Explore Interactive Worlds

With our STEAM games, students can experience interacting with new worlds based on the topic of the game and broaden their knowledge learning simple vocabulary.

Game Based STEAM Classes

STEAM: Addition

Practice math while running through a colorful Obstacle course and solving the addition sums to get to the finish line.

Age: 6+ Beginner Level Group Course
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STEAM: Dinosaur Habitats

Explore the world of Dinosaurs and where they live! Can you name all of the types of dinosaurs in this class?

Age: 6+ Beginner Level Group Course
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STEAM: Multiplication

Run through a fun obstacle course and use the animals to to help solve the Multiplication sums along the way. Improve your English speaking skills while practicing maths and having fun!

Age: 6+ Beginner Level Group Course
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STEAM: Dinosaur Food

Students will learn about the diet of different dinosaurs and interact with dinosaurs in this exciting game!

Age: 6+ Beginner Level Group Course
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