Message from Founder

John Montgomery


Global Step Academy Group

Global Step Academy was founded on the know-how of two generations of accumulated teaching experience with over 3,000 international school students from around the world. Whether it is beginning English skills, maintaining current ones, or entering a top international school, Global Step Academy will prepare students around the world to think critically, communicate globally, and reach their personal goals.

We believe that in the hype of the revolutionizing education technology industry education will continue to always be built upon the strength of the teachers. The strength in the ability to communicate the joy in learning and the possibilities it provides. Therefore it was clear to us that in order to be authentic in the experience and provide the value of what teachers are able to provide through the interactive experience students gain through learning, we had to provide the following three factors:

1) Transparency in showing individual improvement and growth overtime

2) Letting students present in front of other people in a positive way especially family and friends as much as possible

3) Creating environments where students can connect and work with each other in order to find similarities and differences and eventually friendship among each other

We knew that technology itself would not be able to fulfill this goal. We wanted to create something that connected the many passionate but humble teachers that understood this concept with the help of many new upcoming education technology and effectively connect these students that needed them in order to prepare them to become successful in the future. We had a strong team of veteran international school teachers that had decades of experience in teaching international education, teacher management and curriculum / lesson development. This made us capable of putting together a strong band of teachers that we were able to train, manage and most of all maintain and improve quality under a self-established international curriculum and teaching operation knowhow, in a systematic and efficient way.

Therefore, we are an academy that is built upon teachers, teachers who chose and are determined to become teachers because they believed in what education provides. They spend a large portion of their life providing for the next generation. Global Step Academy equips these teachers around the world a foundation in which it takes care of everything other than the actual 'teaching' factor for the teacher, so that the teacher can focus all their energy on each student, whether its during the lesson, after the lesson or in monitoring / advising student performance. We believe this is what is necessary for todays education simply because that's what the students deserve: full attention, commitment and perseverance through the students academic development.

So when we say 'We Believe in the Power of Education' we mean it, because there's nobody that believes in the power of education more than teachers.

John Montgomery