Art Program: Pop Art Volume 1 - Lesson 1: Andy Warhol

$20 USD
Number of Class
50 min
Class size
1 - 5
Course Type On-Going Course. Meets 1 time a week
Language This course will be taught in English only.
Start Date: Jun 02, 2023 (Fri)
Time 22:00-22:50 EDT (Fri)
Sign-up deadline May 29, 2023 (Mon)

Course Overview

Art Program: Pop Art Volume 1
In our brand new Art Program, children will learn how the vibrant and visual styles of Pop Art are based on simple, bold images of everyday items!

Lesson 1: Andy Warhol
Students will explore the various types of Pop Art such as photography, painting, comic strips, and much more. Students will examine and discuss famous Pop Art artist Andy Warhol and view examples of his artwork as well as videos for additional knowledge. To finish the lesson, students will participate in fun learning activities in the GSA Pop Art coursebook. Learners will apply their self-expression skills by getting creative and making an acrylic custom Pop Art masterpiece with inspiration from Andy Warhol!

Lesson Schedule

Andy Warhol

2023/6/2 22:00-22:50 EDT (Fri)

Language Requirement

Art Program Language Requirement

Students must meet the following language requirements in order to take this course.

Speaking Skills:  Beginner

  • Students will need to be able to respond in basic sentences with support.

Listening Skills:  Beginner

  • Students will need to be able to follow simple instructions with support.

Reading Skills:  Beginner

  • Students will need to be able to decode simple sentences with support.

Writing Skills:  Beginner 

  • Students may be required to mirror write during the lesson.

For students currently taking an ELA program, they must currently be within ELA Standard G1 or above to participate.



Safety Disclaimer

Participants taking this course must be aware that Global Step Academy Online is not responsible for any and all bodily harm, physical injury, or any damage done to the kit during classes or after the classes. Parents/legal guardians of the students must be responsible for supporting and supervising during the class.


Art Program Supervision

Parental/legal guardian supervision is recommended.


Students will be using scissors and materials that can spill easily.  In order to ensure that your child does not hurt themselves during class or has help available, we highly recommend that a parent or legal guardian or another trusted adult supervise your child during class.

Technical Requirement

Printer Requirement

This class requires access to a printer prior to class. 

Students who participate in the class will need to download and print off the required templates or worksheets PRIOR to class.


Cancellation Policy

You may cancel anytime before the application deadline and you will not be charged any cancellation fee. However, if you cancel after the application deadline, 100% of the course fee will charged as a cancellation fee.


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