Game-Based x English Drills: Colors and Numbers

$20 USD
Number of Class
50 min
Class size
1 - 5
Course Type On-Going Course. Meets 1 time a week
Language This course will be taught in English only.
Start Date: Mar 25, 2023 (Sat)
Time 22:00-22:50 EDT (Sat)
Sign-up deadline Mar 21, 2023 (Tue)


Course Overview

Let’s talk about our classrooms! Do you have a big or small classroom? What things can you find in your classroom? Do you have flowers or bookshelves in your classroom? Let’s find out how we can answer these questions, and more, in this fun game-based course!

Lesson 3:  Colors and numbers!
In this lesson, we’re going to count with colors! How many blue pens do you have? How many green crayons do you have? Let’s take a look! 

About Game-Based English Drills
Students will review the vocabulary and grammar learned previously using Minecraft! Teachers will screen share Minecraft and guide students through drills, games, and activities to further cement the student’s understanding of the target language through a medium that many students are familiar with and enjoy!

Lesson Schedule

1 - Lesson 7 (Colors and Numbers)

2023/3/25 22:00-22:50 EDT (Sat)

Upcoming Courses in the Program

Game-Based x English Drills: Around My School

Start Date: Apr 1
Time 11:00-11:50 JST (Sun)
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Price ¥2,500 JPY

Language Requirement

Game Based Language Requirements

Students must meet the following language requirements in order to take this course.

Speaking Skills:  Beginner

  • Students will need to be able to respond in basic sentences with support.

Listening Skills:  Beginner

  • Students will need to be able to follow simple instructions with support.

Reading Skills:  Beginner

  • Students will need to be able to decode simple sentences with support.

Writing Skills:  Beginner 

  • Students may be required to mirror write during the lesson.

For students currently taking an ELA program, they must currently be within ELA Standard G1 or above to participate.


Game-Based English Drills Health Disclaimer

Notice of Photosensitive Seizure warning.
Although the case is rare, images in Minecraft can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.


Game-Based English Drills Supervision Disclaimer

Parental/legal guardian supervision is optional.


Cancellation Policy

You may cancel anytime before the application deadline and you will not be charged any cancellation fee. However, if you cancel after the application deadline, 100% of the course fee will charged as a cancellation fee.

Other Available Times

Game-Based x English Drills: Colors and Numbers

Start Date: Mar 25, 2023 (Sat)
Time: 22:00-22:50 EDT (Sat)
Sign-up Deadline: Mar 21, 2023 (Tue)


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