EIKEN Reading - Grade 4 - Lesson 13

$18 USD
Number of Class
50 min
Class size
1 - 5
Course Type On-Going Course. Meets 1 time a week
Language This course will be taught in English only.
Start Date: Jun 01, 2023 (Thu)
Time 05:00-05:50 EDT (Thu)
Sign-up deadline May 27, 2023 (Sat)

Course Overview

Planning to take your EIKEN exam?  Let’s get you ready! Our reading  bootcamp aims to help students improve reading comprehension and develop the critical thinking skills needed to be successful on the exam.  Students gain valuable practice with exam format and questions, while learning helpful strategies for approaching challenging elements of the exam.


About EIKEN Program

The EIKEN program is designed to be a comprehensive yet flexible solution for ensuring your child achieves success on the EIKEN exam.  We offer a variety of courses aimed at developing the critical skills needed to excel on this exam.  From reading to writing, speaking to vocabulary, time management to mannerisms, this program has it all covered.

Lesson Schedule

Reading - Lesson 13

2023/6/1 05:00-05:50 EDT (Thu)

Upcoming Courses in the Program

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Language Requirement

EIKEN Program Language Requirement

Students must meet the following language requirements in order to take this course:

Speaking Skills  

  • Students will need to be able to respond using simple vocabulary and sentence frames.

Listening Skills  

  • Students will need basic listening skills to be able to follow instructions.

Reading Skills  

  • Students will need basic reading skills to understand written directions.

Writing Skills  

  • Students may be required to write during the lesson in their textbook.


Note that a specifc ELA Standard or Advanced level is not required to join these courses. All students are welcomed to join based on which EIKEN exam they are aiming to take.


EIKEN Class Supervision




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